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Yo Briefcase are a software development and technical consultancy company from Northern Ireland. We have extensive experience working with clients to deliver high quality user focused solutions as well as providing in-house training and mentoring. Some of the key areas we specialise in are,

We have a strong background in working with both private and public sector clients delivering solutions using a full stack approach to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose. We also strongly believe that the generalist approach to software development is essential to truly understanding both the "how" and the "why" of technologies, patterns and approaches so that projects are delivered with a focus on user needs rather than developer or team bias.

Our development skills cross the full stack from infrastructure to mobile and frontend work. We can work with a variety of languages and technologies in the JVM (Java, Scala, Clojure), Javascript and Ruby ecosystems. We are also actively involved in the development and support of many open source projects


We have worked with a number of interesting clients across both the public and private sectors in recent years, here are just a few:

Technical design and implementation for public facing services focused around immigration. Plannning and delivering a live service cloud migration.

Delivery of batch processing and high volume imaging services for the DVLA. Work includes image transformations (facial detection, adaptive contrast etc.), fault tolerant system design with throttling and back pressure capabilities and API design and documentation.

Brought in top help the International Payments team integrate new payment gateways into their existing platform. Improving overall code quality, addressing long standing technical debt and helping address process flow issues.


We can provide bespoke on-site training and mentoring for various technologies and languages depending on your needs. In addition to this we also have some public training on the Pluralsight platform

Commissioned by Pluralsight to produce the Play! 2 for Scala and Play! 2 for Scala courses. These 2 hour courses are intended to act as a high level introduction to tthe Play! 2 framework.

We have faciliated a number of informal public and in-house workshops aimed at introducing various levels of developers and students to technologies and developer practises.


We have also delivered more informal public training and talks at clients, community events and conferences.

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