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Don't Call It A Comeback

Taking a break is only a break if you get back into it. Otherwise thats just retiring.

Activity on this site has declined recently. Initially it was intentional (in 2014 I decided to reduce my speaking engagements and focus on contracting), take a break, clear the head etc. but I got sidetracked and kept meaning to get back to a bit of writing and speaking. This proved harder than usual. Travelling every week kind of knocks the wind out of you, or me at least.

In an effort to shine a light on the lack of activity I created a contribution chart to show the drop off and, interestingly enough, I've been in a bit of a dip since before I actively decided to take a break. Or perhaps I'm just finding my rhythm. Or perhaps consistency isn't my strong point, you know like MongoDB.

Anyway the plan is to get back at it, talk more, write more and rant more. I've missed it.

For the interested the contribution chart was thrown together using D3 a hacked version of the calendar view example and CSV data generated every time this site generates.

Published in Random on April 29, 2015