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LocalOnly Actions in Play!

A LocalOnly action in Play! is essentially an action on a controller that can only be called from the machine this it resides on. This is useful for restricting some endpoints (perhaps ops focused or database seeding tasks) from being called by all and sundry.

def LocalOnlyAction(f: Request[AnyContent] => Result): Action[AnyContent] = {
  Action { request =>
    request.remoteAddress match {
      case "" | "::0" => f(request)
      case _ => NotFound

You can use this Action wrapper like so,

def index = LocalOnlyAction { request =>
  Ok("Local Only Action Executed")

This can be useful in the early stages of a project when your design is constantly influx and you need to perform actions on running systems. As your system grows this is perhaps a less favourable appraoch and you should consider moving these sort of tasks out of the application entriely.

Published in Scala on December 17, 2013