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Play! 2 for Java Pluralsight Course


A few days ago my Pluralsight course - Play! 2 for Java was published through - you guessed it - Pluralsight. Its aimed at people new to the framework and is intended to act as a primer for building a simple app.

So if you're a Pluralsight subscriber or you've snagged one of the free passes that are readily available at conferences and meetups you should certainly checkout my course - a good response will invariably lead to me producing more videos so it's win win, right? But does this mean my old video series is done and dusted? Well no, the approach and delivery between my short information blasts vs Pluralsights more detailed approach are miles apart and honestly doing the course has actually piqued my interest in doing more screencasts soon.

This also explains my blog silence over the last while lets just say weekly travel with 4AM starts and late finishes, 2 kids and a video production does not leave a person much free time. Combine all this with the fact that video editing and mixing is a skill I've yet to develop it all adds up to a rather stressful time. That said Pluralsight are actually incredibly understanding and patient and if you've got something to share I recommend to contact them.

Hope you enjoy it.

Published in Java on November 08, 2013