This post is over 6 months old. Some details, especially technical, may have changed.


Oh hey hi, this post is a "personal" post. It doesn't involve any code or analogies to writing software (that I'm aware of) so yeah.....

Many many years ago (well about 9 or 10) I went through a period of "being a singer/song-writer". There was no intention of making money or even playing live - I can barely speak to people I don't know let alone "perform" in front of them (though I can waffle about technical stuff Ad nauseam - oh the irony) - I just felt compelled to record some noise.

Experiment #1

The first time I did it was for my sister, a born and bred muso, as a birthday present - she had moved to London a few years ago and I wrote a song about her being always "busy".

The quality is clearly terrible, the song is clearly terrible, I am clearly terrible. But dear readers - hello - this is me. Was me.

Anyway. I quite liked the process of recording - one maybe, two takes, no editing. I hated hearing my voice and shambling guitar but I did like the fact something existed that I created.

Experiment #2

After that I did a little experiment. The idea was this

  1. Drink for an hour
  2. Record an hour of music (one take)
  3. Drink for an hour
  4. Record an hour of music (one take)
  5. 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 follow a similar pattern.

That was awesome because it was, for me, kind of wild and cool and if I ever put any thought into anything I hate it.

Experiment #3

Also out of the previous process I got enough rough recording to do an Extended Play of music I genuinely like to this day.

This was a cathartic post - I did things, and yeah I do things.

Published in Random on June 05, 2013