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Quitsies, Well Sort Of

You know when you start to question why you write these things it's probably time to quit, or at least take a break.

~ me, just there now

This more of an FYI to anyone who may read this blog than a horrible diatribe about how I am wasting my life with meaningless exercises or technologies I'll never get to use to a bunch of people that don't really care, what would be the point? Plus - it's probably not even true.

So rather than pottering on about cool and interesting technologies that will make everyones (read, developers) life infinitely better 100% guaranteed I've decided to devote my time to,

  1. Working on some startup-py type things that have been milling around the back of my head for some time, and,
  2. Generally getting stuff done

Yep, like a hipster band, this little testament to bike-shedding is going on indefinite hiatus.

Published in Random on July 02, 2012