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Super Basic Trello API Wrapper for Scala and Play

So I am currently doing a bit of work with using Trello as a kind of data store and decided to write a litle app in Play! (the Scala variety of course). There didn't appear to be a library out there to handle some of the basic Trello stuff so over the past 20 minutes I put one together.


case class Trello(key: String, token: String) {

  val host = ""

  def get(uri: String, query: (String,String)*) = request(uri, query:_*).get()
  def post(uri: String, query: (String,String)*) = request(uri, query:_*).post("")
  def put(uri: String, query: (String,String)*) = request(uri, query:_*).put("")
  def delete(uri: String, query: (String,String)*) = request(uri, query:_*).delete()

  private def request(uri: String, query: (String,String)*) = {
    WS.url(host + (uri.startsWith("/") match {
      case true => uri
      case false => "/" + uri
    })).withQueryString(query ++ Seq("key" -> key, "token" -> token): _*)

Yep it's very basic and all but the get is untested (it's all I've needed so far). But in the spirit of shipping early this is a good start. The class makes use of Play!s uberflexible WS class and returns Promise[Request] so you can use it like so (just an example)

A simple API object to wrap the Trello class instance to load cards and map them into my expected objects

object Api {

  val api = Trello(KEY, TOKEN)

  implicit object CardFormat extends Format[Card] {
    def reads(json: JsValue): Card = Card(
      (json \ "name").as[String]
      (json \ "due").as[String]
    def writes(card: Card): JsValue = throw new NotImplementedException()

  def getPastTalks = {
    api.get("/1/lists/_____", "cards" -> "open", "card_fields" -> "desc,name,due").map { res =>
      (res.json \ "cards") match {
        case JsArray(cards) =>[Card])

And calling this bad boy from a controller.

object Application extends Controller {
  def index = Action {
    Async { { talks =>

So - lots of work to do around this - I want to move away from a thin wrapper to something a bit more robust with strong classes for the different entites.

Also if you want to find out where to get the API keys etc. go read the decent API docs from Trello.

Published in Scala on June 24, 2012