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Infoshare 2012 Talk



I mentioned a lot of technologies during my talk so here are the ones I mentioned

Web Frameworks


Web Containers

Cross Platform

Server Platforms

Cloud Services

Testing & Debugging

Beta Testing


So how did it go? From my perspective it could have been better - I'm not sure why started "ummmmming" all the time - I had plenty to say (and I think I talked too fast as well). I just started in a semi-flustered state for reasons unknown. I seen a few decent comments on twitter so I guess it was fairly well received thats what matters. If anyone has any other observations, no matter how harsh, let me know.

One more note - Gdasnk is awesome - the technical people are so engaged and enthusiastic, the place itself is really interesting and I managed try my new favourite shot - Mad Dog. Thanks for the opportunity Gdasnk and Infoshare. Hopefully I can back here and spend more time in the city soon.

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Published in Mobile on April 19, 2012