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Slim Generator for Octopress

So I've been overhauling my web site, which is based on Octopress, lately and have had to jump into the working of Octopress/Jekyll. It's obviously not the most complicated system in the world but hey it was new to me.

Anyway my current setup features a lot of html based pages (the default markdown approach didn't fit due to styling needs) and it was getting rather noisy. So I wrote, as there didn't seem to be one out there, a Slim generator. And here it is, step back it's VERY COMPLEX....

module Jekyll
  require 'slim'
  class SlimConverter < Converter
    safe true
    priority :low

    def matches(ext)
      ext =~ /slim/i

    def output_ext(ext)

    def convert(content)
      begin { content }.render
      rescue StandardError => e
        puts "!!! SLIM Error: " + e.message

Just drop this file (call it anything) into your plugins folder in Jekyll/Octopress and any file with the slim extension will use this converter to generate HTML. No more noisy HTML for me!

Published in Ruby on March 22, 2012