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Speaking at NDC Oslo

Mike Cohn, Dan North, Robert C. Martin, Udi Dahan, Gojko Adzic, Billy Hollis, Laurent Bugnion, Venkat Subramaniam, Brad Wilson, Phil Haack, Rob Conery, Greg Young, Zach Holman..... and then me. So someone was drinking when deciding the line up for NDC Oslo right?

Seriously though I've been given one of the best opportunites of my career to talk alongside some of the shining lights of our industry at NDC Oslo so I better not drop the ball. Thank you to whoever gave me the opportunity. But hey if I mess up I've got another 2 shots at it... thats right I'm speaking not once, not twice but thrice.

Still blown away by this, if you can't tell - given the calibre of people talking this is going to be a highlight of the year for sure. Also it couldn't have come at a better time - there is so much I've wanted to say about things like the OSS world in .NET, Mono and mobile development. Now I've got the perfect opportunity.

Now whats this .NET thing I keep hearing about :)

Published in Mobile .NET on March 19, 2012