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Enterprise Scale

Enterprise. What a broken, misued term. Its meant to sound big, huge even. I guess many years ago it used to mean big, huge, big business serious work.

But when you think about it, its none of those things really, not any more. Even the biggest multi-nationals entire enterprise backbone throughput is probably a small fraction of Lady Gagas Twitter feed. Enterprise is just that - one enterprise. Social is global, its all of us at anytime and that is so much bigger than some old enterprise. So if you try and pimp out your CV by using the term enterprise - the only people who are probably going to care are the managers and execs that think their little boring legacy system is unique and special... Do you really want to be sold that sort of job? All bytes are equal, some are more equal than others - Pah! Some are more mired in unnecessary abstraction, contracts and unread, out-of-date doucmentation but they are still bytes.

Published in Design on January 26, 2012