This post is over 6 months old. Some details, especially technical, may have changed.

Tinyweb.FluentSecurity v0.1 Released

Slight change here - FluentSecurity is now FluentAuth to avoid any confusion with a similarly named product of which there is some inspiration taken. Anyway on with the original post....

I have procrastinated long enough on this and it was blocking some of the other work I wanted to get on with. I have just pushed v0.1 to Nuget and launched the site sans documentation.

Not a great deal has changed since my last announcement, well it has but it hasn't been documented as it should be backwards compatible. Just a few more configuration options that I'll explain once I get the documentation rolled out.

Install-Package Tinyweb.FluentAuth

So go check it out and hopefully you'll find it useful - plenty of plans for expansion to other frameworks and some more API changes coming too. Now back to procrastinating.

Published in .NET on October 18, 2011