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DDDBelfast Retrospective

So I'm no longer a conference speaker virgin. It was so good I did it twice in the same day. How'd it go? Went good I guess. From a conference stand point it seemed to fly by. There was a kind of laid back atmosphere about the whole thing and the numbers, while lower than expected were high enough to make all the talks feel comfortably occupied. I skipped the first block to get my talk prepared but managed to pull in a few talks after I got my first one over.

Other Peoples Talks

Behavioural Driven Development (BDD) with F# - Phillip Trelford

Big toss up here as I wanted to attend Andrea's Code Kata as well but this talk won out. It was a decent talk - a nice mix of theory and practise. Interesting to see Phils testing framework, TickSpec, in action, I must revisit this again some time soon (a promise I'll probably never keep :( ).

CQRS - Bringing Elegance to "Normal" Applications - Ashic Mahtab

The last CQRS talk I attended flew right over my head in terms of complexity. Since then I've done a bit of research and came prepared. I really didn't need to though. Ashic did a really good job of taking something that appears quite complex and conveying the message quite nicely. Interested to see his 250 LOC CQRS framework as well!

My Talks

refORM: Death to ORMs in .NET

Went quite well. I played it safe in terms of not going for any live coding but I think it would have been much better if I had (and plan to next time week at DDDNorth) as it was more dry than I would have liked. Lots of good discussion after the presentation that I might try and bring in next time too.

Coffeescript the Awesome

Slight technical problem resulted in the majority of the code samples being nearly unreadable for a lot of the presentation which was a total fail. I think I flew through the whole thing too - perhaps a bit of live coding would have improved this one too. That said the discussion lasted as long as the talk more or less which is good. Another problem was a number of people came in quite late and missed the first lot of slides which meant I was repeating the content at the end but hey thats fine.

Published in .NET on October 02, 2011