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Windows 8

Where WebForms was an attempt to bring the desktop paradigm to web development Windows 8 attempts to do the exact opposite by bringing web to the desktop. More so in fact Windows 8 appears to be effectivley deprecating the desktop idea over time. It's a bold move but trying to cater to every platform is surely a recipe for disaster but you know what I can't help but like it.

I'm not convinced by the Vista v2 arguments either but then I do most of my "poweruser" stuff via a command prompt and thats not going to change - when I hit the desktop I am looking for a nice experience and I feel, so far, I get that with Windows 8.

Being an idiot I managed to grab the ISO without VS11/Blend 5 on it so I am waiting for that one to download before sharing opinions on them (Blend 5 surely must be just like Dreamweaver but I stand to be proven wrong). I am told, however, the first options on the New Project dialog in VS11 are JavaScript projects - I like that. :-)

Published in .NET on September 13, 2011