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The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Move complete, more or less. Still a few broken images and stuff but like the unpacked boxes of a new house these will probably remain that way until about next year or so. Decent enough weekend project all in. For anyone who's interested in what's went on under the hood - read on.

Abandoning Posterous

Posterous is great as a simple blogging platform but in terms of giving me exactly what I wanted at any point in time Posterous and most other platforms didn't give me exactly what I wanted (I am quite a demanding character I guess).

I was doing some research on .NET Micro Web Frameworks and came across Jessica which was created and maintained by Tom Bell.


Browsing Toms github repo I discovered he prodced his site using Jekyll a Ruby based static site generator and I knew I had to have it! So I ripped off Toms nice design, uglified it with my own tweaks and what you see now is the finished site. This site is also mirroed on Github but some of the functions (category pages) are missing due to some custom generators that the Github Jekyll instance doesn't run.

There is more to be deployed but I'd rather polish what I have before pushing more stuff out. I've tinkered with Project page generation, Showoff for presentations and a few other things that will appear over time.

Domain Name

Seriously - how couldn't I go for a shiny web 2.0 ultra elite domain name given the chance? was recommended to me and I must admit the set up was fairly painless and their admin panel stuff is very nice.


Currently my static site is hosted on appharbor. Appharbor is awesome. Typically I've used it to spin up quick demos and stuff and the simplicity of doing a git push to deploy your new version is like a dream (especially given the heavy handed approach of Azure).

Thats It

Not sure that anyone cares about this sort of stuff but I just want to take my new process for a spin anyway. Any questions - let me know.

Published in Random on May 15, 2011